New Brush Cleaning Items – Mini Review

I am terrible at cleaning my makeup brushes, but they sorely needed to be done so I looked up a couple videos online and I made a couple purchases to try out!

The first item I bought is this little brush cleaning pad, and it works wonders! All I used was warm soapy water as pictured below and swirled my brushes around on the pad, and just like that, they were clean! Disclaimer: I did try using this with my beauty blenders because I haven’t found a good way to clean them, and it destroyed them. So, only use this to clean your brushes and be gentle!



The next item I purchased was this drying rack, and again I love it! It folds up very small so it’s easy to store and travel with, and though it’s a little rickety, it’s great for drying your brushes properly!




Both purchases were made on Amazon and together cost around $12. I highly recommend these products! They’re life changers.

As always, Thanks for reading! Your support is much appreciated!


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