Nascar & Indy 


I promised you I would take pictures during Nascar, and I tried on my camera, but it didn’t go as planned. Instead though, I’ll post the few pictures from my phone! Enjoy!

Margarita at dinner – post race

Now, the race was a lot of fun and a milestone for my favorite driver, Chase Elliott, because he won his first segment. I won’t get too much into the race because, I could talk for hours about that. Instead, I’ll tell you a story of a few days prior. On that Thursday to be exact.

I had been at work on Wednesday, and it had been a very busy day, so when one of my employees told me there was a customer that was insisting on talking to me, I got slightly irritated. However, I went out and talked with him. To shorten the story, he named dropped a few Nascar drivers he was planning on bringing in the next day. I of course, had to try super hard not to freak out, and play it off.

Fast forward to the next day, he tells me he’s bring in Joey Logano and *drum roll* Ryan Blaney. Now, I don’t want to go into a lot of detail on the whole thing but basically I got to hang out with their group the whole night and Joey Logano made me race the go-karts with them and I had a blast.





Indy was another fantastic experience, and again, I don’t have many pictures, but since it has started coming to our home town, my family has been making it a tradition to go. It’s a lot different than NASCAR, but I love them both.



The boys


Our View



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