I’ve Fallen in Love with Farmer’s Markets

My mother and I went to a furniture store today to purchase a couch and dining table, but little did we know, that on the way home, we would find this gem. This is not the first time I’ve shopped at a farmers market, I already knew I loved them, but I have a hard time finding them / finding the time to go to them. (If anyone knows of more, please let me know!) I was a bit too excited when we stumbled across this one. The organic food is so delicious and so much more healthy for you! It’s cheaper, and you support your local farmers! What a win-win situation.

Without further ado, here is the lovely little market called “Power Road Market.”


The little red brick building







Adorable mini watermelons for $0.99



My Birdy Friend

Needless to say, we have lots of yummy dinners coming up this week! Thank you to those who keep up with me, I’m sorry I’ve been so awful at posting regularly. I do have posts planned, I promise!!!



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