Spring in the Desert

It’s that time of year when my allergies act up more than usual and everything outside loses the gloom of Winter and gains the glow of new life starting. I love the in-between seasons the most, Fall and Spring. Spring has the wonderful weather that makes me want to be outside all the time, and for some reason makes me more motivated than usual. It’s Spring Training season here in the valley, bringing in tons of visitors and even more snow birds (Canadians mainly). It’s the second busiest time of the year at my job because it’s an entertainment venue and one of the must-do’s in the city. It’s also right across the street from the one and only Arizona Diamondbacks spring training field.   I have yet to go to a spring training game this year, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon!

More importantly though, Spring brings about Nascar! Now, I know 90% of you will say it’s boring, all they do is drive in circles, make some joke about turning left and then claim that it isn’t a sport, but I don’t care. Nascar is my favorite sport, and yes, it’s a sport. I’m going to the race this month and I can not wait! Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my camera this year. The past 3 years I’ve forgotten because I’m usually working at the race. I’ll save you from being bored and I’ll make a separate post about Nascar later.

This was my “First Race of the Year” selfie.


I’m also deep into planning my trip to Scotland/Ireland/Iceland and the more into it I get, the more excited I become. My family and I went to the Arizona Scots Festival and had a blast! We found our family name and ended up becoming official members of their society so that we can help out at more events like this. We ending up “marching” with them in the Opening Ceremonies for the games. It gave us a little taste of what it will be like at the Braemar Gathering, and there were bagpipes EVERYWHERE. Again, I’m absolutely terrible because I forgot my camera and I would have so much more to talk about with you all if I had taken some photos other than on my cell phone. I have got to get better at that. I really regret not taking it. I promise I’ll take more photos than you can imagine when I actually get there.

Here are some lame photos from my phone:

As a final note: I’m 100% in love with Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide and it is all I can listen to.


Spring has a lot of things to bring, so hopefully, I’ll remember to bring my camera every once in a while and I can share my adventures with you! I’m sorry I’ve been terrible at posting lately, I’m going to try and keep up on it! I might post my trip to Toronto a few years back because it was truly and epic one. Keep posted! Thank you all.



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