Welcome to New York

In October of 2013 I spent two weeks in the infamous New York City. There was a large group of us that went, 12 of us to be exact. We rented an apartment in Queens and rode the train everyday into the city. The train was about 10ft from my bedroom window, so it was a good thing we were up early everyday anyways!


Here’s a cute picture of my friend Zoe on the subway!

The first place we headed to was the Bronx Zoo. (Side note: This was the place that changed my view on Zoos. I haven’t been to one since, but that’s a topic we wont go into.) I got cute snaps of some of the animals!

Now keep in mind this trip was quite a few years ago so I don’t remember everything exactly, but the next big thing I remember we did was Bethel! We did Wallkill and Patterson first and Brooklyn the next day. Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures. I have a couple from the Bible Exhibit in Brooklyn and rooftop views from one of the housing units. The day we went to Wallkill and Patterson I left my camera battery plugged into the wall in our apartment.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge right after we toured the Brooklyn Branch! I know we walked around the city a bit first but I don’t have pictures, or memories really, of the places we stopped at. There was one very delicious chocolate/coffee shop that I want to remember so badly! It was amazing.


We also did a wonderful tour of the grounds where the Twin Towers used to be. Our guide was a survivor of 9/11 and his story brought us all to tears.

We spent a lot of time in Central Park, and all the time we spent was not enough in my opinion! I loved all the greenery, lakes, bridges, and fountains!


We saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. One of my bucket list items checked off on that one! The night we did that we walked around Times Square as well. Here’s some of the city lights.

One of my favorite finds in the city was Shake Shack. I was 100% thrilled when I found out one opened up in my home town! I treat myself to it quite often.



Of course, we took a ferry out to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty (no we did not climb to the crown)


The places I’ve talked about do not nearly narrow down everything we did, it’s just the biggest highlights. These are some of the people that made this trip wonderful, but sadly I don’t have pictures of everyone! Thank you to my friend Stephan for taking me on such an awesome trip! If you’d like to see more of the photos I took keep scrolling below the slide show. If not, thank you for reading and I hope you had fun!






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