Arizona Girl

So as most of you know, I live in Arizona. I was raised here. My family and I moved away for about 4 years around 2008 to California, but other than those years I have lived my life in the Valley of the Sun. Living in the valley is not my preferred place to live, but my family is here and I love them too much to leave them. However, beautiful places are just a hop, skip, and away! I was going through some old photos and I found some that show off the gorgeous Northern Arizona.

The first set of photos are from Sedona. Sedona is absolutely stunning with its vivid red rocks and I find myself in this little town quite often. This particular trip was for my parent’s anniversary and we took a long weekend off exploring Sedona. We ended up taking the long route home just to admire the scenery.


This stop was just off the highway. It was a “Scenic View” and the signs did not lie.


On our way home we stopped off at the Tonto Natural Bridge. I remember going here as a kid and it being stunning but I hadn’t been in years, so we stopped off and hiked our way down. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan on hiking this trip, so I hadn’t brought any other shoes than my sandals, but I powered through and the result was 100% worth it.



The next few photos are from just outside Payson. My family has a camping spot we always go too, and I think this time we just came up for the day to relax and shoot some arrows.  (Yeah, I put arrows in my boot, and yes my mom put them in her belt loop.)dsc_0793fullsizeoutput_5aeefullsizeoutput_5af3fullsizeoutput_5af4fullsizeoutput_5af6fullsizeoutput_5afbfullsizeoutput_5afffullsizeoutput_5b00fullsizeoutput_5b02fullsizeoutput_5b03fullsizeoutput_5b05fullsizeoutput_5aed

My dog is model. (His name is Beemo and you’ll probably see a lot about him.) Also as an update for those that have read this far, we officially purchased our plane tickets to Scotland/Ireland/Iceland in September! I can’t wait. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime. My dream finally coming true! Keep up with the blog and you’ll get to hear and see all about it. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.


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