Maui, Hawai’i 2016

WELCOME! This is part two of my trip to Hawai’i and as you must know, Maui was that second part. I have always heard people talking about Maui whenever they talk about Hawai’i, so I had a lot of high hopes for it. Oahu is nothing to be brushed aside because it is absolutely wonderful, but Maui has it’s own beauty. It’s as if each Island has it’s own personality. Oahu is very lush, full of vibrance and people and lots and lots of beaches, where as Maui is very laid back, very calming, but at the same time it’s beauty takes your breath away. It’s beaches are little, the roads are winding and small and the people are very friendly. We have a friend, Janet, that lives on this Island and she was a wonderful guide for us! I came with my mom, Machell, Grandma Debbie and Aunt Alvetta. I do have a video of this trip if you’d like to check that out as well.

So to begin, we stayed in a little town called Kihei, and it was so quaint and gorgeous! Just outside the door to our condo was a beach full of kayaks! I don’t have a picture of the boats, but I do have the view of the little yard we had. fullsizeoutput_5954

Then the view down one of the neighborhood streets..fullsizeoutput_5953

There was a small beach super close to here that was the first place I found myself a Green Sea Turtle. I had searched ALL over Oahu, but with no luck. They had all migrated on to Maui, so arriving in Maui I was thrilled. When we first landed, I had lost my bag on the hopper flight so I was a bit stressed about that. While we waited for a phone call from the airline locating my bag, we headed to a beach down the road. fullsizeoutput_5951

This was a gorgeous beach and the biggest one we saw, but our time here was short lived because thankfully the airline found my bag and we headed back to our condo to meet the person delivering it. As soon as my bag arrived, we headed back out to another beach, and that was where we found the turtle! We came back to this beach multiple times on our trip because we were guaranteed to see a turtle every time. However, we found a lot of turtles in many different places.



The next day we headed up to Lahaina for some shopping! On the way there we passed a fire which we had assumed was Sugar Cane burning, but we were wrong. While we were shopping in Lahaina the city lost power and by the time we headed back the ONLY highway was closed. We didn’t know if we were going to have to sleep in the car parked on the highway, or if we should turn back and try and find a place to sleep, but just as we were about to turn back, the highway re-oped enough for us to cross through the fire and head back to Kihei. We did have a lot of fun though while we were stuck! We keep ourselves entertained easily. (Keep an eye out on my youtube for that.) fullsizeoutput_5957

Debbie & Alvettafullsizeoutput_5959

The start of the fire.fullsizeoutput_595a

Horses being rescued. (Should have given it away that this wasn’t Sugar Cane)fullsizeoutput_595dfullsizeoutput_595e

Giant tree in Lahaina. Yes, it’s all ONE tree. It grows multiple trunks.

KODAK Camera

KODAK Camera


This was a show put on by one of the hotels, where they burn a torch carry it down to the cliff, toss it into the ocean and then jump in after it. They do it every day at sunset, but I don’t remember the story behind it. 😦


We did go snorkeling about every morning, & we had adventures afterwards. The next adventure was heading up the backside of the “Road to Hana” to Maui Wine. fullsizeoutput_5969fullsizeoutput_596a

The views were killer, but unfortunately it was a rainy day so the clouds didn’t help with the pictures.


We had to pull over many times because it was just too pretty!


We did make it to our destination eventually though, and it had a whole lot for us to see as well! They make pineapple wine and it is fantastic! If you head to Maui, I would strongly recommend a visit here. Even if you’re not a fan of wine, do it for the views!


On the way home we saw our first Maui Rainbow.fullsizeoutput_597c

The next day the the famous Road to Hana. We stopped for the surfboard fence.

Then, we stopped at the rainbow trees!


And we saw beautiful things along the way..

Of course, we stopped for Banana Bread. (That’s a mosquito repelling bracelet I’m wearing.)fullsizeoutput_598a

There were tons of waterfalls, each one with their own beauty. I loved every single one of them.

Lots of chickens, a cute little cat, and a baby piggy! fullsizeoutput_5992fullsizeoutput_5990fullsizeoutput_5991fullsizeoutput_5997

We found the black sand beach, and stopped off there for a while.

Then as we headed up the road and my aunt convinced us to take a hike that turned out to be quite a bit rougher than we all expected, but it was absolutely beautiful! fullsizeoutput_59a3fullsizeoutput_59a4fullsizeoutput_59a9fullsizeoutput_59acfullsizeoutput_59adfullsizeoutput_59abfullsizeoutput_59aefullsizeoutput_59affullsizeoutput_59b0fullsizeoutput_59b2

After we survived the hike, we made our way back home, but not with out a few stops to snaps some more photos.

Then our last day we spent entirely at the beach. I have a couple shots of Sea Turtles, looking adorable as they pop their heads out of the water, and some blurry shots underwater of us and a turtle we fell in love with that was missing a back fin.


That’s all for my trip to Hawai’i and I hope I can go back some day and explore the other Islands as well! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed your time here on my blog.



One thought on “Maui, Hawai’i 2016

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Ashly, you are so talented. What fantastic pictures and narration. Great job! I really enjoyed spending time with you all and I hope you’ll come back soon. Maui no ka ‘oi. The “best” of all the islands. 🙂 She (Maui) is calling you back. Love, Janet


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