Oahu, Hawai’i

To start off my travel blog, I thought I’d share my trip to Hawai’i last year! It’s a two part trip, with the first starting on the island of Oahu. Let me begin by saying that I have lived on the beach; so whenever I heard people talking about Hawai’i, I assumed it wasn’t a whole lot different than where I had lived, I mean the beach is the beach right? Wrong. I highly underestimated these Islands and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them outside the plane window. fullsizeoutput_577f

Just look at that water! It’s so gorgeous. I travelled to Oahu with my dad’s side of the family for my Grandparent’s 50th anniversary. So our party included My Grandpa Dan, Grandma Beth, Aunt Cinda, her Husband Chris, and their kids Justin and Zach; our friend Julie, my Uncle Chad, my parents Danny and Machell, my brother Travis and myself.

We stayed in a place called Kaneohe in a house rental and it was absolutely gorgeous. It took us about 30-60 minutes to drive practically anywhere on the island.

We went snorkeling almost every morning, sometimes twice a day, and that is how I truly fell in love with the Island. The mountains and greenery were stunning, but being in the water with the vibrant fish swimming all around me was so calming and freeing. I don’t have pictures underwater, only videos. (Keep an eye out on my youtube) Beaches included but not limited to: Hanauma Bay, Lanika Beach, Turtle Beach, Three Tables, Sharks Cove, & Waimea Bay.

We also went on a small hike to Manoa Falls which was positively breath taking scenery. It reminds me of the jungle in Tarzan!

We stopped briefly at the Halona Blowhole & the Pali look out.

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We spent a full day on a Jurassic Park themed Zip Line. It was so much fun and again, some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!


We also spent a full day at Pearl Harbor. We went to every museum & every wreckage/memorial. I’ll only post a few photos because this one you need to experience yourself.


Some of the other things we did included the Dole Plantation, a day on the North Shore, and a Luau.

That sums up the highlights of the trip, but we had endless fun! It was one of the best trips of my life. I’ll post a couple more of my favorite photos below, but otherwise, thanks for visiting and I hope you had fun following me around Oahu!

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One thought on “Oahu, Hawai’i

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Oh Ashley, what a fantastic job you did with all those pictures and the running commentary. You are very talented! I really enjoyed looking at this. Good job! Love, Janet

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