Ulta Mini Haul

I went on a quick trip to Ulta and I’m super excited to try the products I got!


The Andrea lashes/glue I got because the lashes were a multipack and came with an applicator and the glue was, honestly, just the first one I saw. To let you in on a little secret, I thought I was grabbing Ardell lashes, so hopefully these ones will be good too! The Ardell ones pictured were given to my by my friend Bryanna (check out her blog, she’s awesome.) She bought the wrong size and these were not full enough for her, so now I get to try them out! They are the ones I’m wearing in the pictures. The last thing I bought were new blending sponges to apply my foundation. I needed to seriously get rid of my old ones. (Please ignore how awfully applied my lashes are and how untamed my eyebrows are. This is like my 3rd time ever putting lashes on, and I’m getting my brows done tomorrow.)


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